Keystone Kapers is a 1983, 1-player game published by Activision for the Atari 2600. The objection of the game is to catch the criminal before the time runs out. If Kelly (The Cop) get hit, you will either lose time or lose a life, depending on the object. You get 3 lives.

Gameplay Edit

You move around using the joystick and jump using the button(s). Pushing the joystick up in front of the elevator will cause the player to enter the elevator if on their floor. (There are 3 floors and a roof, but the roof cannot be accessed using the elevator). If you are on the same floor as the criminal, he will run away. You have over a minute to catch the criminal. The game has no end, instead, the levels just keep getting harder. Collecting briefcases and moneybags gives you points. Hitting an object will either lower your time, or will cause you to lose a life.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mall Cop's name is Kelly.
  • This game has been re-released on the Google Play Store as a mobile app.
  • Once on the roof, you have no way back down, unless you catch the criminal.
  • The criminal will go up or down when he hits the edge of the map, but the player can only go down using and elevator
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