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Toys For Bob is a small video game developer founded in 1989 by Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford. They are most known for creating Star Control and its sequel Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters, but they were not involved in the development of Star Control 3. After this they went on to create a number of games for Crystal Dynamics, including the hectic combination of action and strategy, The Horde, Pandemonium and The Unholy War (as well as Little Witching Mischiefs in Japan for Bandai).

This relationship with Crystal Dynamics ended in 2002. The company was bought by Activision on May 3, 2005, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary. The management team and employees have all signed long-term contracts with Activision, which is owned by Vivendi, and Toys For Bob will remain in place in Novato, CA. They recently completed working on Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam for Nintendo's Wii console and revealed that they are currently working on a sequel to one of the games they had made before, excepting Star Control and Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure.

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